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Feature Stores: The CEO’s Guide

As industries across the globe attempt to adapt to the big data architecture, expensive and ineffective feature engineering practices mean that businesses are very likely to “hit a wall” when it comes to organizing their machine learning operations (MLOps). A lot of time is consumed in data ingestion, and lackluster machine outputs indicate that stakeholders […]

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Customer Testimonial: Cloudphysician

Dileep Raman, Cloudphysician’s Co-founder and Chief of Healthcare, talks about how Scribble Data enabled them to rapidly build pipelines to transform their data and get daily updated feature sets as well as trustworthy models – all in less than 4 weeks!

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How Mars Took Steps to Evaluate the Potential Impact of the “Great Resignation”

Learn how Mars, a US-based multinational CPG manufacturer of confectionery, pet food, and other food products and a provider of animal care services collaborated with Scribble Data to assign a “probability of attrition” based on which employees were quitting and their motivating factors through data, and ML modeling.

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