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Who we are

Scribble Data is an AI platform company, powering high-value decisions in Insurance and Pension Risk. We're at the forefront of AI and machine learning innovation, building AI assistants that transform enterprise workflows. We are a team of AI engineers, product specialists, and industry experts, passionate about the power of AI to drive innovation in highly regulated sectors.

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Meet our founders

When Venkata and Indra first met in 2013, they bonded over a simple truth: data drives decisions. Years later, Scribble Data emerged from their vision to simplify data for training ML models. Now, amidst the commoditization of AI, Scribble's core principles facilitated the development of Hasper , empowering organizations to embrace a future of orchestrated AI agents with confidence.

Our story

Scribble Data began with a simple yet profound mission: to untangle the complexity of data, making it understandable, actionable, and reliable for enterprises. The name "Scribble" reflects the inherent messiness of data, and from day one, our goal has been to simplify and streamline its usage across organizations.

Throughout our journey, our focus has remained on empowering organizations to make informed decisions through data. With the emergence of generative AI and large language models (LLMs), we see an opportunity to further advance this mission.

Generative AI, particularly LLMs, holds the promise to revolutionize the future of work. However, we recognize that there's a significant gap between its potential and its practical application within enterprises. This presents a pivotal moment for companies that can utilize generative AI to enhance decision workflows and automate decision-making processes.

At Scribble Data, we are bridging this gap, enabling organizations to leverage generative AI to drive business value and accelerate growth.

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