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RFP Parameter Extractor

Extract complex parameters from RFPs to feed into analyses and workflows across the plan lifecycle.

Bid/No-bid Assistant

Build a scorecard for empowered RFP reviews based on attributes such as deal size, plan complexity, and competition.

Pricing Data Co-pilot

Systematically structure, cleanse, and validate plan data from various sources (longevity data, economic data, etc.) in the context of the RFP. This ensures faster and more accurate pricing analysis.


Group Annuity Contract (GAC) Assistant

Create customized GACs based on template extracts from legal documents, RFP provisions, plan data, and pricing memos.

Annuitant Engagement Assistant

Generate personalized annuitant letters and other correspondence materials to ensure a smooth and personalized annuitant experience.

Onboarding Data Co-pilot

Structure, sanitize, and validate your onboarding data from various sources using an AI-enabled data transformation tool.

Plan Administration

Value Assistant

An intelligent assistant that composes extracts of financials and other performance metrics for deal-specific reporting to Finance.

Admin Pension Data Co- pilot

Clean and merge pension datasets based on your rules using an AI-enabled intelligent data structuring assistant.

Premium Adjustment Assistant

Periodically re-run checks on annuitants to determine necessary premium adjustments based on factors like change of address, taxes, marital status, and life events.

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