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Responsible AI at the enterprise

Join leading industry experts for a two-part webinar series that unveils strategies for understanding the importance, legal nuances, ethical considerations, and future challenges of responsible AI.

On-demand webinar

Session 1

Building a blueprint for robust AI governance

Session 2

Guardrails for deploying responsible AI systems

In this Webinar You Will Learn

Building a blueprint for robust AI governance

Speakers: Debu Chatterjee, Amlan Mohanty, Indrayudh Ghoshal, Venkata Pingali
  • Operationalizing trust in AI and AI-powered apps
  • AI governance’s role in organizations and its privacy intersection
  • Privacy policies of LLM providers, how they store, and process customer data
  • Building a strong AI governance framework (privacy, accountability, fairness, security)
  • Process changes to align with responsible AI principles

Guardrails for deploying responsible AI systems

Speakers: Sameera Poduri, Krishna Gade, Amlan Mohanty, Venkata Pingali
  • The evolving technology landscape and its heightened relevance for responsible AI.
  • Addressing challenges faced by business leaders, through technology solutions:
    • Data Quality
    • Data Privacy
    • Private LLM Deployments
    • Firewalls and Observability Tools
  • How should technology leaders collaborate with third parties (vendors, cloud providers, etc.) to ensure alignment with responsible AI principles.
  • Translating technology principles into minimal risk.

Who you’ll hear from

Krishna Gade
Founder & CEO
Sameera Poduri
Senior Manager, Machine Learning
Debu Chatterjee
CEO and Founder
Amlan Mohanty
Lawyer & Policy Advisor
Indrayudh Ghoshal
Co-founder and COO
Venkata Pingali
Co-founder and CEO