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Who said ML engineering wasn't fun?

It's busy at Scribble. We're in a hot space, and a bunch of the time, we’re about putting our head down and shipping code. So while we have bean bags (well, just the one actually), and will eventually get around to buying a ping-pong table, we’re also about the caffeine. Covid's done a number on all of us, but wherever you are, when you get that hankering for a cup of joe, our coffee slack's the place to post it, and someone will make sure that beverage reaches you wherever in the world you are, on the double.

We're growing quick now, hiring for remote positions in North America, India and parts of Europe. We think of this phase of hiring as extending Scribble's core team, so if you want to get in on the ground floor, now would be a good time to look our way.
Scribble’s customers are from around the world (three continents right now). We work smart, invest in tools and tech that are on the cutting edge of data science, and package all that we’ve learnt about efficiency and data mileage into our products.

We like balanced folks, people with not just drive but also the ability to kick back and have fun. A sense of humour's always nice, as is self-awareness - people who know exactly how they work best and most efficiently, without taking themselves so seriously that it gets in the way of their own learning.

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Core Values

We own the outcome

We hold ourselves accountable for our deliverables, our wins and our mistakes

We elevate and empower each other 

We build relationships that are meaningful and based on mutual respect, trust and collective growth

We show up curious

We look for opportunities and tools to better understand the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ in what we do. Data is just the starting point - we want to understand the world we inhabit with our customers

We bring our whole selves to work

We don’t shy away from showing  each other our “outside-work” personalities. We enjoy folding humour into our work

We act with intent

We approach everything we do with the intention of helping our customers and creating maximum impact