About us

Dusty garage origin story? Check.

Sort of. Scribble Data was the second startup for each of the founders. Lots of lessons learnt. Scribble Data was bootstrapped, and eventually revenue helped pay rents, salaries, and for coffee.

Barking up the wrong tree? Check.

We had a product pivot in the early days. Our first product was a natural language data store search interface. Think google search for your datalake.

Funded? Check.

Where’d we keep that news clipping now? If it isn’t on crunchbase yet, it should be in the next little bit.


Google away.

What's On The Horizon

It’s been hard grift, but Scribble Data’s hit a purple patch now. The engineering rigour we bring to our feature engineering helps customers make better decisions each day. Imagine being known as the last name in robust, trust-inspiring data preparation, to power every data science decision. 


But it hasn’t just been hard grift in the past. It promises to continue in the future as well. We are setting standards in feature engineering, and how companies will use it to power a spectrum of data science needs.


We’re taking steps to becoming a global company. We want to draw people with experiences vastly different from ours, from all sorts of backgrounds, and from everywhere. If curiosity, drive and accountability are part of your fuel, you might do really well with us.


Data Science & Data Engineering


The Team



Co - Founder

For all money, Venkata was going to be an academic, but a captain somewhere must’ve spotted an iceberg and changed his course a degree, which eventually led to Venkata's co-founding Scribble Data. His interest at the intersection of systems and data draws from both, his training as well as his years spent in data science roles. Venkata's PhD. was from USC, and bachelor's in CS from IIT - Bombay

Co Founder


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Co - Founder

Indra spent years in Toronto working at a bank fitting square (and expensive) analytics technologies into round holes. The gap between why data software gets bought/sold and what it delivers has been at the centre of his interest. His focus is on bridge building, to cross this chasm, as also to span our operations across Toronto and Bangalore. His MBA was from U. of Toronto, and bachelor's in EE from McGill.


Co Founder


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When he isn't out in some national park somewhere taking photos of the night sky, or putting out music, Achint's years of experience as a data scientist in the Bay area, and later building out the data science function for a (later handsomely acquired) startup in the edtech space make him quite the jack of trades. Achint's PhD in ML was from SUNY, Buffalo, and his bachelor's in CS from VTU. 


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Our Core Values

We own the outcome

We hold ourselves accountable for our deliverables, our wins and our mistakes


We elevate and empower each other 

We build relationships that are meaningful and based on mutual respect, trust and collective growth


We show up curious

We look for opportunities and tools to better understand the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ in what we do. Data is just the starting point - we want to understand the world we inhabit with our customers

We bring our whole selves to work

We don’t shy away from showing  each other our “outside-work” personalities. We enjoy folding humour into our work


We act with intent

We approach everything we do with the intention of helping our customers and creating maximum impact



Toronto, Scribble Data’s North America HQ is considered one of the world’s biggest technology hubs. We chose this city for its close proximity to our customers, as well as our own history with it. Our office here is strategically located in the heart of the city and is just the right distance from your next caffeine fix, whichever direction you’re headed in. 



India’s beer capital is home to the country’s burgeoning technology startup scene and is a melting pot of different cultures. It’s also a magical place, one where everyone’s talking about unicorns and valuations that reach for the stars! Did we also mention that the weather here is just right throughout the year ?

We’re on a mission to reduce friction in the consumption of data