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Data to Business Outcomes

Data to business outcomes: faster, and more efficient

Use low-code widgets to build tailored data products. Accelerate time-to-value by employing existing datasets and features to develop newer data products more efficiently.

Reliable data you can trust

Reliable data you can trust

Maximize accuracy and build trust with effective human supervision. Ensure data lineage tracking, auditability, and reproducibility with multiple observability tools.

Derive more value with contextual data

Derive more value with contextual data

Build Generative AI products with Hasper, Scribble's proprietary engine. Get expert answers, perform complex analytical tasks, and receive real-time recommendations through a customizable natural interface.

You own, you control your data

You own, you control your data

Securely host your private data either on-premise or on a virtual private cloud. Choose from a range of flexible deployment options for data products and LLMs that align with your privacy policy. Rest assured, all our solutions are SOC2 compliant, ensuring the highest standards of data security and privacy.

Achieve business goals with AI-powered data products

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Introducing Hasper: LLM-powered Engine For Advanced Analytics

Over the last year, we have evolved from an MLops platform company that gave enterprises the ability to build and deploy machine learning for analytics teams, to an applied AI data products platform. Throughout this journey, our mission has remained consistent: to help organizations make better decisions using data. We’ve reached a pivotal moment in […]

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Generative AI in Pension Risk Transfer: Introduction, and Key Use Cases

Warren Buffett famously noted that ‘someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.’ Pension risk transfer, or PRT, did not just pop up overnight. It’s got history. Think of it as a response to a big problem: companies promising pensions they later find tough to keep. This dilemma […]

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Generative AI in Insurance: Use Cases and Future Impact

What if the devastating Hurricane Katrina or Cyclone Nargis had been anticipated with greater precision, its impact mitigated by proactive insurance protocols? How would the landscape of life and health insurance change if underwriters could accurately simulate and understand the long-term health trends of populations? And what if reinsurers could preemptively navigate market collapses or […]

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