Bringing AI to Insurance and Pension Risk Transfer

Drive 10x efficiency in your PRT workflows with AI-driven automation, seamless integration, and custom-built assistants tailored for insurers

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Optimize PRT Workflows with AI

Our platform combines our understanding of PRT processes with the latest in AI and data management to streamline insurers' workflows across each new deal.

Scribble Data's AI platform, Hasper, seamlessly integrates with your current PRT infrastructure, ensuring rapid onboarding and smooth deployment.

Leverage AI assistants to automate critical tasks like RFP analysis, CRM integration, data cleaning and preparation, and GAC generation, empowering insurers to attain unparalleled operational efficiency.

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Transform your business with Hasper

Improved Productivity

Experience a 10X increase in the speed at which PRT deals are executed, transforming the efficiency of your operations.

Enhanced Efficiency

Automate manual tasks, minimize errors, and boost efficiency and accuracy across the PRT workflow.

Reduced time-to-value:

Tailor Hasper's AI agents to suit your actuarial, operational, or administrative workflows, accelerating your tech transformation from months to weeks.

Comprehensive Data Orchestration

Track the lineage and versions of data and artifacts to enable transparency, improve processes, and enhance coordination

Increased Business Capacity

Automate tasks, reduce turnaround times, and boost deal throughput, unlocking new levels of business capacity.

Built for trust and security

Hasper ensures data integrity using transparent audit logs, verifiable outputs, and a human-in-the-loop validation model, instilling confidence in your data's accuracy and security.

We integrate with your tech stack

Hasper is purpose-built for PRT, ensuring seamless integration with your existing tools and technical infrastructure

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