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Welcome to the age of Sub-ML use cases

Let’s say you work at a modern data-driven company and you want to find a way to enhance one of your processes, like partner management. It makes sense considering you have limited resources to invest in partner development, but it ranks high on your growth goals for the year. The first step would be to […]

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Hierarchical Features and their Importance in Feature Engineering

Feature engineering is both a central task in machine learning engineering and is also arguably the most complex task. Data scientists who build models that need to be deployed at large scales, across functional, technical, geographic, demographic and other categories have to reason about how they choose the features for the models. Despite the divergent […]

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Growing Data Infrastructure Complexities

The world of data, and data infrastructure, has changed dramatically over the past decade. Traditional databases, which were designed to store information in a structured format, have evolved into massive warehouses of unstructured data that sit on multiple servers across different locations. Not too long ago, we were used to seeing monolithic systems dominated by […]

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