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Webinars, conferences, meetups, and more.

Making Data Science Work

Scribble has hosted a popular meetup series in Data science.


We have featured a number of interesting guests:


(a) Dmitry Petrov and Ivan Schlekein (SFO) of the hugely popular open source data versioning project DVC

(b) Paul Meinshausen and Bargava Subramanian (SGP/BLR) who are experts in Experimentation in Data Science.

(c) Joshua Rubin (from fiddler.ai) and Yiannis Kanellopoulos (SFO/ATH) on Operationalizing Responsible ML



We speak frequently at data conferences around trust, data preparation, automation, and productionization


(a) Fifth Elephant 2019  on Production Feature Engineering

(b) Open Data Science Conference 2019  on Accelerating Production ML

(c) Mid-Scale Production Feature Engineering (A UK MLOps conference)

Webinar & Coffee Sessions

We get invited to public and private webinar to speak on our work.

(a) On Privacy Law Compliant Data Preparation in Machine Learning  by ODSC Global (June 2020)

(b) On Production Feature Engineering with MLOps community (April 2020)

(c) Coffee session with Feature Store firms with MLOps community 

Scribble Data is considered a thought leader in the feature store space, and our engagement with the larger data science community grows every day.