Scribble Data provides a foundational building block on top of which customers build their ML models and analysis.

As Scribble’s first Go-To-Market Strategist, you will play a key role in how we envision and support a customer’s lifecycle. Aligning Scribble’s story, our marketing materials, the Enrich product value proposition, our sales process (working with external and internal sales consultants), and customer success delivery all form important facets of this role. We’ll jointly succeed if you can implement a cohesive go-to-market program, while ensuring that the customer is well cared for along their journey. This role combines go-to-market fundamentals, strategy, and customer advocacy.

What You Will Do at Scribble Data

Go-To-Market Strategy


  • Research, inform sales strategy, and jointly develop the lead qualification model (e.g., BANT etc.) by working with Sales & leadership teams

  • Develop target personas for ideal customers, buyers, and tool practitioners 

  • Implement a plan for our customer lifecycle, spanning the entire flow from marketing, to sales, to onboarding, and internal roll-out, to subsequent contract renewal


Pre-Sales and Sales Enablement


  • Partner with salespeople to acquire new business

  • Create and deliver demos and other materials to prospective customers that communicate product value

  • Help organize, plan & deliver proof of concept/pilot demonstrations other materials to prospective customers that communicate product value

  • Establish trial flows (use cases) for various domains that lead to successful adoption and signed contracts

  • Build & be the custodian for presales collaterals like Platform capabilities, Solution capabilities, case studies, and use cases.

  • Establish trial flows that lead to successful adoption and signed contracts

  • Lead technical discussions with prospective customers, effectively articulating the deep technical value proposition and use cases

Product Strategy

  • Advocate for existing and prospective customers and tool practitioners, ensuring that our product roadmap and strategy deliver value

  • Closely watch the market and the competitors to stay in par with new features and product requirements. Communicate required features and products to product management.

  • Provide feedback and context to our internal product team on pain points you’ve identified within our customers, and any best practices from the larger data space we operate in

  • Dogfood the Enrich platform to ensure that the right internal success metrics become institutionalized in order to drive adoption and engagement among customers


Customer Onboarding and Customer Success

  • Plan out documentation, getting started, and best practices guides

  • Build and implement an onboarding flow for new customers

  • Develop tooling to quickly get past customer cold-start metric hurdles and ensure that we show value quickly

What You Will Need
to be Successful
  • 5+ years of experience as part of the pre-sales or go-to-market function at a data or infrastructure company

  • Experience in selling globally

  • History of delivering customer value in pre-sales, sales, and/or post-sales roles

  • Deep understanding of how B2B tools become successful within a customer organization

  • Experience in selling globally with strong problem solving and prioritization skills with the ability to learn new tools

  • Customer obsession and willingness to be an advocate internally and externally

  • Prior experience aligning solutions with customers' strategic objectives

  • A proactive, hardworking, and high energy/positive attitude

  • Willing to travel as needed - once we are all vaccinated

Nice to Haves
  • Experience building a complete go-to-market organization from inception through scale

  • Experience selling at an early stage startup

  • Experience or familiarity with the data ecosystem (Tableau, Snowflake, Redshift, Airflow, Looker, etc.)

  • Familiarity with G Suite, Asana, Notion, Salesforce

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