ML Engineer

You've read some of what Scribble's like. If you've kept reading this careers page, then good on you - here's where rubber meets road.


We're looking for a solid, limited-amount-of-nonsense ML engineer. If you've got the chops, we'll keep you happy. Indra will personally bring your morning cuppa to your desk the days you're in the office, at least for the first couple of months.


Here are the details.



Job Description

1.   Think like a data scientist & work closely with data scientists.

2.   Wrangle large volumes of data efficiently and correctly.

3.   Manage and extend the core platform.

4.   Research data engineering domain. 


Ideally a data scientist with system skills.


1.   Masters or above in CS + few years. Experience more valuable than degree.

2.   Industry experience in implementing ML models, i.e. beyond academic projects.

3.   Discipline in thinking and execution.

4.   Strong computer science understanding, i.e. beyond the degree.

      Our work ends up testing you again and again.

5.   Advanced python skills. We are a python shop

6.   Extensive hands on experience with Pandas and PySpark.

      We wrangle a lot of data in python.

7.   Java/Scala skill a plus.

8.   Experience delivering / productionizing data science - a huge plus.

9.   Demonstrable curiosity about the world - a huge plus.

What you'll get

1.   Front seat in the productionization of ML across enterprise clients.

2.   Strong peer group.

3.   A deep understanding of building an enterprise product.

4.   Top of scale compensation.

5.   A slice of the upside for the serious ones.